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My name is Dan Fister, and I am running for election to the Kentucky House of Representatives in the 56th District. This district includes part of Franklin County, part of Jessamine County, and all of Woodford County.

My original decision to run for public office was not taken lightly. I am not a politician and truly never considered such a path until I was asked and encouraged by several leaders in our community. As a farmer, property manager, and retired general contractor, I am truly not looking for a career and my only motivation is to make a positive difference in our community and in our state. In fact, when I was first asked in the middle of December 2015 if I had any interest in running for this office, my answer was a resounding NO!

The following week, the front page story in the Woodford Sun was about the young people we are losing to heroin right here in Woodford County. Our local community was still in shock from the stabbing death of six year old Logan Tipton as he slept in his bed and most conversations had some reference to the latest shooting in Lexington.

When I looked at the home page of the Woodford County Fiscal Court, I found that we had approximately 11,000 jobs in Woodford County with about half (5,600) being staffed by local residents. The remainder filled by what they termed as “commuters” from outside the county.
It didn’t take me long to realize that Woodford County and the rest of the 56th District was facing some real problems and what we had been doing in the past was not working. We needed to find REAL solutions to our problems.

Fast forward to today, I have two grandchildren, the oldest is now twelve and quite frankly it still scares me when I think of the world we are leaving them to grow up in. My first term as your State Representative has been spent working to control government overreach, keeping our churches and businesses open, and our children safely in school. I have sponsored legislation to bring a “moment of silence” back to our classrooms, modernize our tax code, and ensure that your tax dollars are spent in a responsible manner.

I truly believe our children deserve better and it’s time we take back their future. With your help and support, we can insure our children have a bright tomorrow, and I humbly ask for your support and your vote on November 8th for State Representative.


Community Involvement

Gubernatorial Appointments
Ky. Land Heritage Fund Board – Governor Paul Patton 2001

Awards Received
Fayette Co. Farm Bureau King 1976
Bluegrass Sportsmen’s League – Sportsmen’s Citizenship Award 2002
Ky. Wildlife Federation Foundation – Conservationist of the Year 2005
Central Ky. Right to Life – Take Time For Life Award 2019
Conservative Kentucky Lawmaker – The American Conservative Union Foundation 2021
AG Committee – Southern Legislative Conference of the Council of State Governments 21022

Volunteer and Nonprofit Positions
-St. Leo’s Council of the Knights of Columbus
Grand Knight 2015-2017, 2018-2019
-Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League
President 5 Terms
Treasurer 2 Terms
Board of Directors 17+ years
-League of Kentucky Sportsmen
Board of Directors 2 Terms
-6th District Federation of LKS
President – Multiple Terms
Vice President
District Director
-Bluegrass State Games
Co-Chair of Shooting Sports – 5 Years
-Woodford County Republican Party
Chairman 2017-Present
-Central Kentucky Right to Life
Board of Directors 2019 – Present

Clubs and Memberships – Past and Present
Blue Grass Sportsmen’s League – Life Member
League of Kentucky Sportsmen – Life Member
National Rifle Association – Life Member

Ky. Farm Bureau – From Birth to a member Family – Present
National Wild Turkey Foundation – Chapter Founding Member
Bluegrass Friends of the NRA Banquet Committee
Quail Unlimited
Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
Pheasants Forever
Central Ky. Grouse Hunters
And many others


National Rifle Association – AQ Rated
Kentucky Right to Life
Commonwealth Policy Center
Kentucky Chamber Political Action Committee
Associated General Contractors of America
Lexington Board of Realtors
KY State Auditor, Mike Harmon
Supporters living within the 56th District


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