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1. Economic Development and Job Creation. The 56th District is in need of economic development and job creation throughout the entire District. Our local businesses are suffering because our residents are leaving the district for work, and we don’t have jobs to keep our children in the community if they want to stay. Creating a diverse mix of jobs that pay a better than average wage will benefit our residents and provide an increase in much-needed local customers for our existing businesses. Diversification and broadening the base of our local economy will make us less vulnerable to economic swings and it will allow us to grow our tax base rather than growing our tax rates.

2. Listen to YOU. Career politicians at all levels of government have always done a great job of telling me what issues are affecting me and what will make my life better. The problem is they are usually wrong. They don’t understand the problems being discussed at our kitchen tables and don’t seem to care. I want to know what is affecting YOU and help you find real solutions. It’s time we address our problems and stop ignoring them.

3. Bring some “common sense” to State Government. Just like at home, government cannot continue to borrow money to pay its bills. Cutting waste and paying our debts is being fiscally responsible to the tax payers of Kentucky. We simply cannot maintain the out-of-control mismanagement of our state finances and expect our children to have a future. Frankfort must live within its means.


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What an amazing event this evening at Versailles Brewing Co!!! With over 50 people in attendance, I can’t begin to tell you the energy that was in that room!!! I want to thank everyone that attended and a special shout out to Auditor Mike Harmon for all of his help and support. If you would like to join our volunteer team and/or make a contribution, check out my webpage at DanFister.com or Dan Fister for KY State Representative on Facebook. This is going to be a very good year!!! #fister56 ... See MoreSee Less

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